Noise-induced hearing loss is a widespread issue in the United States, especially for children and teenagers. The awareness campaign Listen Carefully shares these staggering statistics: “1 in 8 children and teens has permanent hearing loss due to high-volume sounds” and “teen hearing loss has increased 30 percent in the last decade alone.” Change is only possible by spreading the word about precautions.

Hearing Protection Now to Hear Well Later

Prevention starts with recognizing what contributes to hearing loss, namely environments like concerts and sporting events, vehicles like motorcycles and lawn mowers, and devices like iPhones or Androids. An audiologist can determine the best choice for various levels and durations of noise exposure. Dr. Jessica Woods, AuD, CCC-A recommends hearing protection for sounds above 85 decibels (dB). She instructs that if someone must yell to be heard from three feet away then hearing protection is necessary. Additionally, noise-limiting headphones are available to protect children’s ears during the time of life when it matters most. Hearing health for developing ears is extremely important — just ask Theo:

Will you join the movement to address noise-induced hearing loss? Comment below, or connect with us on Twitter and include the hashtag #BeLikeTheo. Together, we can take steps toward better hearing.

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