Getting back into the routine of school can be challenging for kids, parents, and teachers alike, particularly if children have difficulties hearing. Like those with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), children with hearing loss benefit from assistance in the classroom to enrich their learning experiences.

Assistance for a Successful School Year

One important tool for kids with hearing loss or CAPD is an FM system. ASHA explains that this “miniature radio [station] operating on special frequencies” includes a microphone to amplify the teacher and a receiver for the student, which can either be a hearing aid or a separate earpiece. The device helps the child hear instruction clearly, understand what’s happening in the classroom, and remain focused while processing information.

When students, parents, educators, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists work together, children can truly thrive in the classroom. Dr. Jessica Woods, AuD, CCC-A has seen firsthand how such collaborations and the use of FM systems aid reading, speech, comprehension, interaction, and development. Just watch this comparison video to understand the difference that assistance can make:

Do you know a child who would flourish with the help of an FM system? We would love to talk with you about this child’s needs and address your concerns. Feel free to write to us below or contact our office.

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